Spread the Word

Tell other people about us. Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to bring your friends and family into contact with this obsession that handbell musicians just call “ringing.”

You know it’s a lot more than that, though, because you’ve seen the stage-right end of our setup where one ringer may have as many as fifteen of the smallest bells and chimes to manage (did we mention ancillary percussion instruments as well?). Or maybe you’ve been distracted just a little bit by the stage-left end, where two to four ringers sling the “buckets”, the largest bells we have.

Or maybe you’ve attended of our concerts to hear and see wonderful music, but wait anxiously for the “meet and greet” time afterward, where you can have a chance to test drive some of our equipment.

Our Facebook page has event listings, videos, and information about what’s going on with KR. Our “Friends of KR” group gives you a chance to interact with us. And that means you can add to Kalamazoo Ringers by doing something as simple as sending a link to a friend or relative.