The KR 2021-2022 Season is on!

We’re excited to get going on our 40th… uh, 41st, … uh, 42nd … (well, whatever) season this is in the Kalamazoo Ringers’ history. Because of COVID-19, we’re having a bit of difficulty determining which number is the right one!

Nevertheless, we’re still ringing! We learned a lot about making great music over the past couple of years even though we weren’t able to see everyone in person. And because life in our world is still on the fragile side, we’ve decided to have “one more semester” of working in small groups. We’ve done it a couple of times now, and we know we can bring you some great music for the upcoming Christmas season.

Don’t get us wrong – we really, really want to get back together to play all of the bells so many of you are used to seeing. Our equipment and music are waiting for us to get back to the rehearsal room. We want to be there too, because in August we made a quick trip to Grace Harbor and did lots of polishing. We hope this pandemic will be solved and over with soon!

So you’ll see those bells, but on video instead of in person. We hope to get back to a more normal way of having fun together and presenting our concerts to you soon. Till then, we’ll still be here, and we’ll still be ringing.

See you (well, okay… you’ll see us, anyway) in December!