Thinking ahead

We’ve cancelled the rest of our 2019-2020 season (boo-hoo!), but it’s giving us a chance to think ahead to 2020-2021! We don’t know when the Coronavirus will be conquered, but that doesn’t excuse us from planning for the future.

So we’re booking venues, and planning rehearsals, and looking forward to seeing each other again. Hugs may take up much more of rehearsal time than ever before, but that’s okay. Even a few weeks or a few months is just too long to be away from each other.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about what’s going through our heads. The most important thought, of course, is “when will it be safe to leave home and meet again?”. The answer to that question is out of our control, but we’ll be hoping and praying that we’ll know something soon.

And “what will life in general look like?” Will we have acquired the self-distancing habit so thoroughly that we feel the need to play in masks? Or will we disinfect our bells after using them? Or will we want to have 90′ of tables to maintain what we might think is a normal separation between people (if so, it’s going to be a lo-o-o-o-ong way to get to a shared bell)?

The most interesting question, perhaps, is “what will be do with all this repertoire that we’ve (almost) learned?” Funny, huh? We don’t want to let it go, because we’ve invested so much time on it. Maybe we can add another concert series or make some really cool demo videos!

All of this is to say that the Kalamazoo Ringers haven’t gone away; we’re just looking to when we can get out in public again and share some wonderful music with all of you. Watch this space for more developments!