Hooray! The Christmas concert went well!

The 39th annual Kalamazoo Ringers Christmas concert happened on Sunday, December 15th at Grace Harbor. As they say, “a wonderful time was had by all.” That, by the way, is our personal benchmark of what matters most in our musical mission: We want you, our friends and supporters, to enjoy the music (and occasional shenanigans – “shtick”) that we present. For each of us, that probably means a slightly different thing, but it all comes together to give you an absorbing and joyous musical experience.

It was a special privilege to walk to our ringing positions before a packed house. That’s a rare occurrence in any performer’s experience! And the electricity in the air was more than just a slight tingle. By the way, we hope that a full house this time will encourage you to invite your friends and family to see us at Grace Harbor in the spring, because we can open the doors in the back of the sanctuary and put more chairs there!

Thanks to so many of you for your donations of hats, scarves, gloves, and other warm clothing – all told, there are more than 350 items which will be donated to make a lot of Christmases a bit warmer, cheerier, and happier.

We take a moment to thank:

  • Grace Harbor for providing us rehearsal space and for hosting our concerts each year,
  • Janet Van Valey for her tremendous vision in starting KR in 1981,
  • Martha Matthews for leading us to new heights as we prepared and presented the program
  • Diane Conover for preparing background slides for us
  • Third Reformed Church of Holland, MI for the loan of a lovely set of Schulmerich Silver Melody Bells, and
  • All of you, for the joy you bring us, and share with us.

See you in at our 39th Spring Concert in April!