Your donations to Kalamazoo Ringers enable us to accomplish what we do. Your support makes it possible for us to purchase music, maintain equipment, and even rent a U-Haul to move our bells and chimes between our rehearsal location and each concert venue. One of the more spectacular results of your generosity was the addition of our lowest octave of bass bells, which are worth over $42,000.

Your donation is tax deductible and will be wholly used to support the work of the choir. You will receive a receipt for your financial records. We invite each of you to consider becoming a sponsor.

Sponsor forms are available at Kalamazoo Ringer events and now online as well (PDF link). To sponsor the Kalamazoo Ringers, mail the sponsorship form to the Kalamazoo Ringers at:

Kalamazoo Ringers
5393 Woodrush Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Did you sponsor the Kalamazoo Ringers, but don’t see your name here? It may be because we haven’t confirmed permission to print your name. Contact us if so!

Sponsor Lists

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